Robert Wallack - New York's Most Unethical and Abusive Attorney

Robert Wallack is an attorney licensed to practice in New York. Wallack attended Cardozo School of Law, frequently ranked as a third tier toilet law school. Previously, Wallack was an Assistant District Attorney for the Manhattan District Attorneys Office where he terrorized black families, covered up serious crimes and violent assaults by racist New York cops.

Wallack recast himself as a "celebrity divorce lawyer" to churn excessive fees on unwitting clients.

Wallack Digitally Lynching New Yorkers

One of Wallack's favorite things is the public shaming and digital lynching of successful New Yorkers using his law license. Specifically, Wallack solicits tabloid press to his cases to terrorize and digitally lynch families and brand them as the "Sperminator"

Meanwhile, Wallack exploits tabloid press coverage to churn enormous retainers on his clients.

Wallack Padding Bills

According to court documents filed in the Southern District of New York, Wallack has been sued for attempting to pad his bills to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Wallack Terrorizing Families

Wallack contends he is a "celebrity divorce lawyer" yet uses his self admitted profession to drain celebrities of funds without seeking resolutions. In the highly publicized Kelly Rutherford case, Wallack lost complete custody. (See Daily Mail article about Kelly Rutherford losing custody)


Sadly, Wallack is a licensed lawyer in the state of New York. Wallack is a danger to all New York families.